Weather Safety - Fall

    Construction Connect has a good article reminding everyone in the construction industry about the dangers of changing weather. Fall has begun which means more rain, thunderstorms and colder weather. This means you need to take additional steps to stay safe while working outside. Site conditions will need to be monitored more and workers will need to make sure to dress appropriately for the weather while taking extra precautions while working.

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    Sullivan designBUILD // October, 05 2018

    MSA December Update

    It's a race for heat at MSA Professional Services! The building will be enclosed very soon which means warmer working conditions.
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    Sullivan designBUILD // December, 12 2018
    Zimbrick Hyundai Construction Update 2018

    Zimbrick Hyundai November Update

    We are battling the elements at Zimbrick Hyundai! Winter is approaching fast with no mercy given to the construction industry. Luckily we are wrapping up things here so will not be battling the cold for much longer. We will be finishing for turnover in the next few weeks!
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    Sullivan designBUILD // November, 16 2018